UTAL has its own R&D department, which develops machines for the manufacture of license plates and develops solutions to prevent plate falsification and their illegal production. Machinery and equipment are designed using modern 3D CAD systems and manufactured with the implementation of CAM. The cooperation with universities and research institutions as well as innovative companies has resulted in highly advanced solutions implemented in practice.

UTAL uses modern laser, chromatographic equipment and highly specialized optical devices. The company’s laboratory is able to analyze the majority of parameters of the plates in accordance with the standards and norms in force in the countries to which UTAL supplies registration plates. We offer to our clients not only plates, but also automated lines for the production of blank plates of our own design as well as personalization equipment. In our offer there are numerous security features, some of which have been patented by us.

Technologies developed by our experts let us apply onto the license plate many additional security features. These include among others holograms, laser marks, ensure marks, digraphs and advanced digital graphics. Increasingly offered by UTAL are complementary elements to license plates, especially holographic windshield stickers, often called third registration plates, as well as other elements of identification based on RFID technology.

In 2014, we created an automatic production line for personalized license plates enabling embossing and hot-stamping of a blank license plate within a few seconds of collecting a blank plate from the feeder (see below).

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