Machines by Utal in Slovakia

Published 23 December 2022

Machines manufactured by Utal are gaining more and more popularity and recognition, all thanks to our knowledge and many years of experience. We are just launching a factory for the production of license plates at our neighbors in Slovakia, more precisely in Banská Bystrica. The company Automobilové opravovne Ministerstva vnútra SR, a.s., owned by the Ministry of the Interior, has been fully equipped with a modern machine park: a line for the production of blank plates, an ART robot for the production of ready plates, an NFC Secure press that guarantees security and strict control of the personalization process, a laser station, hot stamping machine and shredder.

All components of production line were integrated in one IT system, which was additionally supplemented with an innovative software solution for ordering license plates, their production and logistics (ProPlate). The new factory will produce all registration plates of the Slovak Republic, including the recently approved new plate specification with modernized font design. We attach some photos related to the implementation of this innovative project.

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