License plate frames

We are one of the largest manufacturers of license plate frames in Europe. The scale of our production is over 8,000,000 frames per year. We serve over 10,000 customers both domestically and abroad.
License plate frames are a very popular and attractive, yet effective carrier of advertising and information. It is an ideal product not only for the automotive industry, but also for advertising. The frame is no longer used only for fixing the plate, but also or primarily as an advertising medium. UTAL’s clients include manufacturers and dealers of various car brands, authorized services and vehicle control stations, workshop networks, used-car dealers, automotive wholesalers, car rental companies, city and region authorities, as well as companies with their own fleets. License car frames are an ideal product for the promotion of cities and provinces.


Production of license plate frames

To achieve and maintain the highest possible quality of our products, we have created our own experimental laboratory in which all the frames are subjected to strength and immunity tests. Quality control system, based on strict European standards means that there is no possibility of marketing products that do not meet these norms.
In our business, we place great emphasis on innovation and care for ecology. Advertising imprints on license plate frames are made in UV technology that guarantees durability and aesthetics, and there is no need to use environmentally harmful paints and solvents. We have UV digital printing technology that allows you to make prints with spatial graphics directly on the surface of a plastic. In addition, we offer a wide range of frames with 3D convex inscription, metallized, covered with thermal transfer foil (so-called HP) and with a doming print. The frame construction allows fixing it in any car model without drilling it.
All frames produced have the appropriate certificates confirming their permition for sale on foreign markets. Each frame also has a production clock, i.e. a sign indicating when and from what material was made.

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