Frames with UV prints

Using UV technology for printing advertising on frames, we can guarantee their highest quality and durability. The print is characterized by vivid colors and it’s depth, thanks to which the graphics are very clear and legible. UV printing is resistant to weather conditions – rain, snow, sun, so it is not washed away or oxidized. The graphics are painted using a full range of colors and in any typeface.

Thanks to the automation of production lines, UTAL has large possibilities of producing long series in a short time.

UTAL offers prints on two basic types of frames for attaching license plates:

  • frames with a 23 mm wide slat  (Intense),
  • frames with a narrow slat of 20 mm (Standard).

Frames with a wider slat guarantee maximization of advertising space, and hence, greater visibility of the message. There is also the possibility of ordering printed slats themselves.

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