License plates

UTAL manufactures and supplies all types and kinds of license plates in accordance with the standard ISO 7591 and with the regulations that are in force in a given country. In Poland, for example, we produce license plates according to the Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure concerning the registration of vehicles and vehicle designation (Journal of Laws of 2017, pos. 2355) and the Law from 20 June 1997. The Road Traffic Law (Journal of Laws of 2020, pos. 110). In Germany in accordance with DIN 74069.

The manufacture of plates is a process whose most sophisticated part consists in covering the aluminum tape with special retro-reflective sheeting, often containing in its structure security and identification marks. UTAL provides the blank license plates (without embossed number), the ready to use license plates (with the number embossed, a so called personalized plate), as well as all the machines and tools for production of license plates, including the ones their disposal. The personalization of license plates (embossing the specific numbers onto the blank plates and covering them with hot stamping foil) generally takes place on the territory of a particular country and for security reasons is conducted under the control of government authorities. Depending on its needs UTAL supplies to a given country f. ex. a fully automated production line for the blank license plates, personalization machinery and provides the customer with all the consumables. UTAL often establishes cooperations with a local partners to participate in tenders and comply with the orders issue by state authorities. We assume that such a cooperation may develop into a joint venture at a later stage. In any of these models we guarantee not only the high quality of our products, confirmed by a variety of certificates and appropriate permissions, but also an efficient distribution and service.

In UTAL we place emphasis on development by introducing new technologies and production solutions, thus raising our efficiency and improving our products’ quality. The machines, tools for the manufacture of plates designed and implemented into production are characterized by a high level of innovativeness, durability and low power consumption. Environmentally friendly production is a part of our company policy. We provide comprehensive technical assistance and technological assistance for customers – manufacturers of license plates, we are lending a helping hand as well to those who are just starting their business in this industry.

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