UTAL provides its customers with all substrates and components necessary for the plates production. Thanks to many years of activity in the market and the scale of production, we possess long-term proven relationships with manufacturers of aluminum tape, retro-reflective sheeting, hot-stamping foils and other materials. We cooperate with a number of aluminum plants, so that we are able to supply virtually all types of aluminum and widths depending on the particular needs of our customers (including chromatized, anodized or lacquered aluminium and mill-finish one). Since many years we supply to our customers a variety of hot stamping foils available on the market, featuring different colours and types. We also offer retro-reflective and non-reflective foils, on which we can apply graphics, laser ensure marks, holograms and other security features. We keep a large stock, working with the leading manufacturers in the world, thus ensuring a rapid accomplishment of almost any type of order.

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