Security features

Having more than 25 years of experience we easily understand new trends taking place on the license plates’ market. As one of the largest producers in the industry, we also take an active part in their creation. We know how essential the protection of plates against falsification is, that is why we offer to our customers a great range of innovative security features.

Multicolour graphics

The multicolour graphics are being applied onto the retro-reflective foil in UV FULL COLOR technology thanks to a dedicated printing device designed and manufactured by UTAL.


These are special holograms for outside use containing a three level security system. The hologram can be applied to the ready to use, embossed license plate as a sticker (license plate legalisation) or applied by the hot stamping process during the blank plate production.

Dedicated HP foils

Thermal transfer ribbon has dedicated to customer special inscriptions in its internal structure.

The third registration plate

The so-called ‘The third registration plates’ are specially protected holographic stickers affixed to the inside of the windshield. The labels bear the identical  registration number  as on the plates. Any attempt to remove the sticker causes its self-destruction. This type of protection can be optionally equipped with RFID tags for remote identification and data capture.

Ensure marks

Special laser marks, that contain most commonly the country code or symbol, coat of arms and are visible only at a certain angle.

Laser digraph / Laser trigraph

It is a special laser sign containing a code or an individual symbol visible at a given angle, creating in the end two independent images. The advanced version of this solution is a three-character, with three pictures.


The RFID solution, combined with an integrated database and the latest document production technologies, enables remote tracking and smoothing out of registration false license plates.

Serial numbers

It is made by laser technique, indelible, irremovable, unique serial number  for each blank plate (the data containing both the serial number and registration number is entered to the central database after embossing the registration number).


Indelible barcode can contain serial number, date of manufacture, batch number, etc., depending on the customer’s requirements.

UV prints

Particular inscriptions or logos become visible on the license plate under UV light only.

Dry stamp

Individual sign is performed on the plate by pressing a unique, engraved stamp on the back side.

QR code

Is two-dimensional barcode applied on the front of plate; it contains information relating to the plate; it is easily readable to a wide range of readers.

DMC code

Data Matrix Code (DMC) is a two-dimensional code placed on the front side of the license plate using laser technology (or printed if required). Code contains encrypted license plate information (date of production, serial number, etc.) causing each number plate to be unique. Moreover, the logical connection between the embossed number, DMC code and other security features proves the license plates authenticity. The license plate with DMC code can be implemented as an element of the NFC Secure system.

Security label

based on a two-stage QR code, created at various stages of the legalization process and an alphanumeric combination of data according to a specific standard.

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