Embossing station

The final stage of the production of license plates is their personalization at the embossing station.
The process of license plates personalization most frequently takes place on the territory of a particular country and for security reasons is conducted under the control of government authorities. In some countries, where the system of issuing the license plates is decentralized, such a business may be run by a private, certified company.

The process of license plate personalization consists basically of two steps: embossing the registration number and covering it with hot-stamping foil as well as, in some cases, printing the registration number onto ‘the third registration plate’.

The basic set of equipment dedicated for the embossing station offered by UTAL is composed of:

Selected elements of UTAL embossing station


How it works



The establishment of the embossing station requires a small quantity of capital and little knowledge of the plates production process. This being the very reason why so many of our customers have decided to get involved in this particular stage of production.

The machines and tools for the manufacture of license plates designed and produced by Utal are characterized by a high level of innovativeness, durability and low power consumption. Environmentally friendly production is a part of our company policy. We provide comprehensive technical assistance for customers – manufacturers of license plates and we are providing the support to those who are just starting their business in this industry as well.

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