Hologram applicator

Hologram applicator enables automatic application of holograms using the thermal transfer technology (so-called hot-stamping) to the surface of the film intended for the production of reflective license plates. The application of holograms takes place while rewinding the reflective film from roll to roll. The device allows the application of both holograms delivered in the form of a homogeneous holographic tape (so-called wallpaper) as well as positioned ones, where the contour of the hologram may coincide with the contour of the stamp.

Applicator is equipped with a color touch operator panel, integrated with the PLC, enabling setting of all applicator operation parameters along with the visualization of operating states. The device allows the application of chromium and aluminum based holographic material.


Basic parameters
dimensions: L 2.650 x W 1.400 x H 1.900 [mm],
weight: ca. 1.000 kg,
operator panel: 10.1 “color,
menu language: Polish, English,
power supply: 3~400 V/50 Hz,
pneumatic power supply: 6 bar,
max. punch pressure: 9.2 kN (for 6 bar),
temperature of the adjustable punch – max. 210˚C,
max. width of holographic foil: 150 mm,
max. width of the reflective film: 305 mm,
positioning the hologram with a laser sensor,
performance depends on the base, holographic film used and customer requirements.


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