License plates shredders

A machine one of its kind on the market, that guarantees an immediate scrapping of every sort of number plate by cutting it into 5 or 14 unequal pieces. It is easy to operate and maintain with no special training required. It is equipped with all the accessories.

License plates shredder, models ST5-400 and ST5-230
Basic parameters
max efficiency ST5-400: 5.000 plates per hour,
max efficiency ST5-230: 4.000 plates per hour,
cutting plates into 5 unequal parts,
container capacity: 150 cut plates,
power supply ST5-400: 3~400 V/50 Hz (1,5 kW),
power supply ST5-230: ~230 V/50 Hz (1,5 kW).
License plates shredder, model ST 14-400
Basic parameters
max efficiency: 4.000 plates per hour,
cutting plates into 14 unequal parts,
capacity of container: 150 cut plates,
power supply: 3~400 V/50 Hz (4,0 kW).

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