Vehicles registration systems

UTAL as a manufacturer of plates, which are nowadays one of the most commonly used type of document, also offers to its customers a complete solution for vehicles registration and drivers’ record. The system may be easily tailored to customer’s needs and can use solutions for the colecting, processing and monitoring data as well as the personalization of documents: registration certificates, driving licenses, and license plates.





The complexity of the system means the integration of multiple elements, such as:

  • software solution Utal Services Platfrom – USP, which is an integrated and flexible platform including a set of necessary tools to ensure electronic data flow between all parties involved in ordering, production and registration processes of the license plates;
  • technologies of reading and processing information;
  • the equipment necessary for collecting, processing and controlling data (servers, workstations, printers, thermal transfer ribbons for personalizing documents, readers and RFID encoders, scanners, fingerprint readers, cameras and other detection systems)
  • materials necessary for the production of documents

Integration of all the elements mentioned above takes place in close cooperation with the customer, taking into account the currently functioning solutions.

The main advantage of a comprehensive vehicle registration system, one of the most important elements is the controlling function. This function enables remote tracking and eliminating from circulation some false documents, including the illegally used license plates. All this hanks to solutions such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), in combination with the integrated database and the latest technology for manufacturing document.
The modular construction of system gives the opportunity to modify, expand its functionality and freely adjust it to the customer’s requirements.


Selected elements of system solutions


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