Embossing press NFC Secure


The NFC Secure embossing press is a solution designed by UTAL for a tight control of license plates personalization process. All the production orders are transmitted electronically, while the machine supervises the operator’s work and verifies the embossed registration number. This is possible due to the recognition of clapper dies that compose a required registration number. The press software excludes operator’s errors during personalization as it blocks the embossing operation itself. NFC Secure is characterized  by intuitive operation thanks to the touch panel, which shows demanded combination of registration number and prevents any errors. This press is dedicated to production models which are based on a centralized structure as well as diffused ones. This is possible thanks to the connectivity of machine which may be easily networked to a database system.


Innovative features as standard
NFC control of embossing process (clapper dies recognition),
simultaneous and double license plate identification system:
  • barcode reader,
  • adjustable QR code/DMC code reader,
operator’s touch panel with visualization of embossing process and parameters settings,
various login options for operators and administrators:
  • RFID,
  • magnetic card(s),
  • smart card(s),
  • pin protection.
remote control and diagnostics of press operations,
ultra-high-speed thermal printer for labels or reports,
clapper dies with NFC chips,
signal light tower,
ergonomic clapper dies rack.
Basic parameters
embossing time: 2.2 seconds,
embossing force: 35 T (350 kN)
power supply voltage: ~230 V/50 Hz,
power consumption: 1,5 kW,
dimensions: H 1.900 x D 850 x W 600 (820 with racks) [mm].
weight: ca. 490 kg,
clapper dies color coded for easy operation,
extensional rack for clapper dies,
illuminated working space,
voice command assistance.

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